Congratulations on solving Puzzle #6!

Respond back to with the secret message: "I am definitely born again hard!"


Points will be awarded the same as Puzzle #5. 

The first player we receive a correct email from shall receive 25,000 points.

Second: 22,000 points

Third: 20,000 points

Fourth: 19,000 points

Fifth: 18,000 points

Sixth: 17,000 points

Seventh: 16,000 points

8th-100th: 15,000 points

If you haven't, please remember to create your own puzzle for Side Puzzle #6 to earn 5,000 points and begin to solve the other players to rack up more points going down the home stretch.

The final puzzle will begin around mid-April and will most likely take more time to solve. It will be designed so that there a chance a player not even in the top ten could storm ahead and end up winning the game.