AWESOME VIDEOS BELOW! Book Trailers, interviews, show samples, and more! - Official Trailer for the Scary School book series. Published by Harpercollins. Written by Derek the Ghost.

Derek Taylor Kent (AKA Derek the Ghost) visits schools and performs the interactive Scary School story - Your First Day at Scary School. For more information, please write to Visits include signings, a 45 min-1 hour show, and a discussion on how to become an author or just a good writer.

Derek Taylor Kent reads from his best-selling children's book El PERRO CON SOMBRERO with lots of help from his audience. - Video from the Scary School Launch party for kids at Village Books in the Pacific Palisades. Special appearance by Derek the Ghost! A new book series from HarperCollins written by Derek the Ghost - Derek the Ghost materializes at the LA Times Festival of Books and thousands of kids lose their minds with excitement!

We caught up with the author of the Scary School series during San Diego Comic Con to talk about the series and the upcoming releases.