Puzzle #4

The following puzzle will work differently than the previous ones.

Rather than receiving more points for finishing before your competitors, you will instead be competing against nobody but yourself. 

We have designed this puzzle so that it will require anywhere from one to five hints to be solved, although we have confidence that some of you may be able to solve it without any hints at all. Here is how the points will be tallied for this puzzle:

Solve the puzzle with 0 hints: 20,000 points

Solve the puzzle with 1 hint: 18,000 points

Solve the puzzle with 2 hints: 16,00 points

Solve the puzzle with 3 hints: 14,000 points

Solve with puzzle with 4 hints: 12,000 points

Solve the puzzle with 5 hints: 10,000 points

Each player will receive the same hint in the order that they are asked. Write to KubricksGame@gmail.com to request a hint when needed. While there is no time limit, we would recommend solving the puzzle by March 1, 2017 to keep pace with the other players. 

The one hint we can give you before you get started is that the following will result in your decoding a 10-digit number, which is the your means of contacting Mr. Kubrick's United States office and moving forward in the game.


OPEN PUZZLE HERE. You may want to print it.