The Night Before Christmas at Scary School


By Derek the Ghost


Hello my young friends. I am Derek the Ghost.

And I’m happy to serve as your Scary School host.

At Christmas time, all of the students are gone,

But I live at the school, so I know was goes on.


Now snuggle up warm in your soft cozy bed.

And let visions of Scary School dance in your head.

Holiday cheer can be fun, but instead,

Let’s liven it up with some holiday dread!


Twas the night before Christmas and all through the school,

Many creatures were stirring, especially the ghouls!

All the stockings were hung from the gargoyles with care,

With things placed inside that would give kids a scare.


Like fingers and eyeballs and fish full of rot,

Spiders, piranhas, and big balls of snot.

For at Scary School, Christmas is fun mixed with fear.

It’s the funniest, scariest night of the year!


While Santa Claus circles the earth on his sleigh,

The monsters of Scary School come out and play.

As the moon rises high on this dark Christmas Eve,

A party takes place that you wouldn’t believe!


First Archie the squid rises out of the moat,

And opens the doors to his giant squid boat!

The deck is quite slimy, so standing is hard

While tentacle-oars move the boat round the yard.


The first thing you see that your senses arouses –

A gaggle of ghosts building gingerbread houses!

But, sorry, these aren’t the sweet houses you wanted,

I fear that these gingerbread houses are haunted!


The gingerbread men come to life and start leaping,

Awaking the gingerbread people still sleeping.

But the ghosts cannot stay, for there’s so much to do.

They wave you goodbye and fly off to haunt Scrooge.


 High on a hilltop there’s something to see.

The goblins are lighting their great goblin tree.

The branches are bright as their long goblin hair,

And the songs of the goblin band ring through the air.


As the goblins do dances, you wave from your boat.

But you do not dance cause they can’t play a note.


You hop off the barge cause it’s time you departed

For down at the playground the party has started!

You slide down the slide, soaring over the gators,

And land at the feast served by zombie-fied waiters!


You scarf down the brains and you gorge on the guts.

For dessert – frozen blood topped with roasted chestnuts.

As you take the last bite, there’s a roar from above.

It’s the dragons! For Christmas is something they love!


A ring of green dragons spout fire from high,

Like a dragony, fiery wreath in the sky!

The trolls jump for joy, causing earthshaking fright,

Oh my goodness, this will not be one silent night.


And then comes the awesomest part of the show!

Jolly Santa arrives shouting “Ho ho ho WHOA!”

Like snowflakes the presents fall down to the ground!

(St. Nick must have been too afraid to fly down.)


Sharp claws and sharp teeth tear apart all the boxes,

Uncovering centipedes, worm barf, and poxes!

The night carries on filled with friendship so merry,

‘Cause Christmas is Christmas no matter how scary.


And there’s even more thrills, if you’re brave ‘nough to look.

But to find every fright, friends… you must read the book!