Dear Players,

For this side task, it will be time to test your own prowess for creating puzzles and/or riddles. You may notice that the chart below is currently being filled by players' names/teams. 

Your task will be to create your own puzzle or riddle under the one condition that it must be Kubrick or film related

Please email your puzzle or riddle along with the solution to We will review it and if we deem it worthy (IE logical and solvable), it will be posted below under your team name. Other players will then have the opportunity to solve your puzzle/riddle. You are more than welcome to give your puzzle a fun name/title. 

Submissions must be received by April 15, 2017. 

You will receive 5,000 points for creation of an acceptable puzzle/riddle with possible bonus points for cleverness and creativity. 

You will also receive 1,000 points for each of the other players' puzzle/riddles you solve. Some may be worth extra points if we find them to be especially challenging. Email your solutions to other players' puzzles to to receive your points. 

If you would like to submit more than one puzzle/riddle you are welcome to do so and we will pick our favorite one. We can also post additional puzzle/riddles you send us, but you will only receive official game points for one submission. 

Have fun!

PLAYER/TEAM                                                   PUZZLE LINK/NAME                                               POINT VALUE

Pseudo Nym                                                                       Rank and File                                                                               1,000

TJ9000                                                                                The TJ9000                                                                                 1,000

Jeremy Hassinger                                                              Jack's Lament                                                                               1,500

Tim J Henley                                                                       Who Gets the Credit?                                                                  1,500

Sunshine                                                                             For Your Thoughts                                                                       1,000

Ivan Wroe                                                                            The Dualists                                                                                 1,000

Nick Harrison                                                                      A Dozen Lines                                                                              1,000

Sunshine (Bonus submission. Only hint points)               A Kubrick Crossword                                                                   2,000

Sunshine (Bonus submission. Only hint points)               Kubrick's Game                                                                            5,000

Rob Hubbard                                                                      HAL's Equation                                                                              1,000

Colin Blake                                                                          Limelight                                                                                       1,000

Where It All Began                                                              Team Venture                                                                               1,500