While Charles was in the middle of asking Penny to the dance, Fred and Jason had run up to 

Petunia and both asked her to the Dance of Destiny at the same time.

"I don't care how many hockey pucks you can stop!" said Fred. "I'm gonna give you a slapshot to the head!" 

        “Oh yeah? Well welcome to your nightmare ‘dream boy,’ cause it’s about to get real!” retorted Jason.

         Fred brandished his razor-sharp nails and Jason flaunted his splintery hockey stick.

         “I’m gonna crush you like a lake of ice!”  Fred snarled.

         “And I’m gonna cut you down like a spruce tree!” Jason snapped.

          Petunia was secretly enjoying the interchange. The other girls in class were giving her jealous looks. She hoped the girls were regretting never letting her sit at their lunch table.

            Fred continued, “Oh yeah? Well, you’re the ugliest kid in class! Petunia would never go to the dance with you. Unless she likes smooching a plastic mask!”

            “That’s it!” 

            Jason jumped on Fred and the two friends started wrestling on the ground.

           “Stop!” Petunia shouted. “You’re best friends. You shouldn’t be fighting!”

            “Well then, tell us who you want to go to the dance with!” said Jason.

            “Yeah,” said Fred. 

            Petunia realized she had a very tough decision to make. It would be great to go to the dance with either one. 

            That’s when Johnny the sasquatch, who had a crush on Petunia forever, jumped into the fray and pushed aside Fred and Jason.

            “Nice try guys, but I’m the biggest kid in class and I have an irresistible freckle on my nose.  She’s going with me!”

            “Not a chance!” Fred and Jason exclaimed, and all three were back to wrestling on the ground.

            “Enough!” Petunia shouted.  “I decided who I’m going to go with.”

            The boys stopped fighting and looked up with confident smiles.

“Stephen Kinglsey.”

            “Huh? All three boys exclaimed.


Stephen Kinglsey, the best writer in the class, was standing in the background holding up a sheet of paper from his notebook that read, “Will you go to the dance with me, Petunia?"

            Petunia loved reading Stephen’s stories. Since he loves to write and she loves to read, she figured they would make a good match. 

            Petunia ran past the fighting boys to Stephen Kingsley and said, “Yes!”

            Stephen smiled. He wanted to hug her, but suddenly found all his fears swelling up inside him.  He raised his arms to put around her, but froze halfway.

Petunia shook her head and hugged him instead.

            Basking in her embrace, Stephen felt the sharp sting of Cupid’s arrows all over his body. 

            Of course, those were actually Petunia’s bees stinging him, but his eyes were closed so he couldn’t tell the difference.

            The whole school applauded Stephen overcoming his fear and asking Petunia to the dance. Even Lattie clanked her two ninja stars.

      That’s when Penny ran into the fray, jumping around like a maniac, pointing to heavens.

           Petunia, Lattie, Jason, Fred, and Johnny followed her finger and noticed Charles Nukid high in the air, clasped in the clutches of the bearodactyl.         

“Welp,” said Johnny, “Looks like I can cancel my trip to Bigfoot Country this spring break.”        

The friends looked at one another and knew they would all be canceling their plans and heading off to rescue Charles.


 At Scary School, nothing matters more than helping your friends.