Scary School is one of the most popular and beloved book series for ages 7-12. Winner of many book awards, including “Funniest Chapter Book of the Year” from Children’s Literature Network, the four-book Scary School series will have you LOLing with frightful fun.

Written by 11-year-old “ghost writer” Derek the Ghost (AKA Derek Taylor Kent) and illustrated by renowned artists Scott Fischer, Revo Yanson, and Marcus Muller, each book in the Scary School series takes the reader into a very special school, where humans and monsters attend classes together for the first time. It’s a grand experiment by the optimistic Principal Headcrusher, herself a graduate of the famous school for monsters, Scream Academy, but everyone expects the school to be utter disaster. After all, who would think that Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves, Trolls, Ghouls, Skeletons, Giant Spiders, and Mummies could peacefully co-exist with humans? But much to the chagrin of the doubters, Scary School proves to be an unqualified success thanks to students like brave Charles Nukid, half-flower half-girl Petunia, Penny Possum, Ramon the Zombie Kid, Peter the Werewolf, Fred the Boy Without Fear, Lattie the Ninja Girl, and Jason Borhees. Together they prove that children don’t see outer differences, not even monster versus human, for it’s what’s inside of us that counts. (delicious guts!)


Scary School #3:
The Northern Frights


Scary School #4:
Zillions of Zombies

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