Congratulations on making it to the final puzzle!

Solving the below puzzle will lead you to a webpage where a special invitation awaits. 

The web page is DerekTaylorKent.com/a multi-digit number you will have to uncover by solving the puzzle below

Unlock the key images by solving the clues beneath. 

This will be the first of several final puzzles and tasks, each worth a certain amount of points, that shall ultimately determine the winner. 

1st to solve the puzzle: 15,000 points

2nd: 14,000 points

3rd: 13,000 points

4th: 12,000 points

5th: 11,000 points

6th: 10,000 points

7th: 9,000 points

8th: 8,000 points

9th: 7,000 points

10th: 6,000 points

11th-20th: 5,000 points

21st-100th: 4,000 points

Hints for this puzzle will cost you 2,000 points each. 


Perform the following and substitute the digits at the end of derektaylorkent.com/     

1. medico della peste + volto


2. volto

to the power of

3. bauta + volto

divided by

4. bauta + volto


5. (volto to the power of volto) + bauta + arlecchino


To unlock the 1st image, go to DerekTaylorKent.com/the first four notes when Bill sees the Red Cloak

Annotate notes by: C CS D DS E F FS G AF A BF B

This may help http://piano-player.info/

To unlock the 2nd image, what 16 notes do we first hear when Bill enters his bedroom at 2:26:00 and sees the mask? Go to DerekTaylorKent.com/all 16 notes

Annotate notes by: C CS D DS E F FS G AF A BF B

To unlock the 3rd image, go to DerekTaylorKent.com/the front page headline after the party

To unlock the 4th image, go to DerekTaylorKent.com/the one who has friends in the art game

To unlock the 5th image, go to DerekTaylorKent.com/the final word