Mr. Kubrick has invited you to a...

Please respond to Mr. Kubrick right away at that "I accept your invitation" to receive your puzzle points. 

However, you cannot gain admittance into this highly exclusive event, where you shall mingle with other societal elites, without a proper costume.

Kubrick more than anyone understood the power that a memorable costume can have. Who can ever forget the outfits worn by Alex and his droogies, Danny's Apollo 11 sweater, or the frightening Red Cloak? 

For your first task of the final puzzle, please send us what you would wear to this once-in-a-lifetime event. We ask that your costume convey what your greatest passions are.

Some sort of mask is required. 

Please email a photo or artistic conception of your costume choice to by end of day May 1, 2017, with an explanation as to how it embodies your passions. 

Between 1,000-10,000 points will be awarded to you based on your submission.

No extra points for submitting first. All submissions received by May 1 will be considered equally. Next part of the final puzzle will be sent after May 1. 


More points will be awarded to those who:

- Create a costume rather than find photos on the internet, though finding online photos is permitted.

- Make full use of creativity, design, style, and/or humor.

- Offer a detailed explanation as to how their costume reflects their passions.

- Bonus points for wearing the costume in the photo.

- If you are artistic and can design your own costume by drawing or painting it, that would also be an acceptable submission.